• March 17, 2014

Sunset @ JFKI am constantly being asked for different ways to save money when traveling. I love to travel, but have a limited budget to see all the places I want to visit.  One of my new favorite ways to book a hotel is through While I haven’t had much success using the “Name Your Own Price”, I have twice used the “Express Deals” feature.

My first use was for a hotel in New Orleans during August 2013. We booked a “2 1/2 star” hotel for $63 per night and ended up at the Quality Suites just off Canal.  My second time was this past weekend in Pensacola, Florida. We again picked a “2 1/2 Star” hotel for $62 and ended up at the Town Place Suites by Marriott.

The site is wonderfully easy to use. It allows you to select the areas of town and then the rating of the hotel. Both of these hotels were around $90 per night if you booked through their sites.  I was pleasantly surprised.

So, if you want to take a weekend trip, but don’t want to blow the budget, consider using Priceline.  There are also a couple of handy sites where folks let you know what kind of deal they found: and

And, I mean, they have William Shatner for their spokesperson.

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